The Kip Fanta Group was established to inspire and enable leaders at all levels, in addition to help IT and Shared Service providers (internal and external) become more strategic with their business partners.  


Kip Fanta is the Principal at the Kip Fanta Group.  He established his company to inspire and enables leaders at all levels, in addition to help IT and all functional providers (internal and external) become more strategic with their business partners.  Kip is a Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM) and Registered Provider (RP) with the Business Relationship Management (BRM) Institute.  He is excited to bring all of the offerings found on the Knowledge Path to Success (KPTS) for BRM, and spends a lot of his time consulting and coaching organizations as they implement BRM.

Prior to taking a step out on his own, Kip spent 25 years within the IT and Shared Services organization within Procter & Gamble (P&G).   During his time at P&G, Kip had multiple assignments as a Business Relationship Manager (BRM), to included working up to one of the more senior and global BRM roles for one of P&G's business units.  It's in these roles where he gained valuable insight and experience in how IT/Shared Services can provide more value to its business partners.  Additionally, he held roles within Service Management, SAP Development, Manufacturing IT, Customer Teams, and Internal Audit that provided him opportunities to work across the globe.  

Kip is frequently called upon to moderate, emcee, and speak at all types of meetings.  He has a passion for engaging and developing others, and has been a sought-after speaker and trainer over the past 25 years. His ‘Bring It’ talk has helped inspire many to take their personal leadership skills to the next level. He serves the Greater Cincinnati community as a Board member with INTERalliance, a non-profit organization with a mission to expose High School students to careers in IT.  Kip was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and earned his BS degree in Mathematics/Statistics from Miami University in 1988. He then completed his Masters at The Ohio State University in Industrial & System Engineering in 1990. He is married to Amie and has one daughter, Corinne, and a son, Chad. He is currently located in Cincinnati.