Today’s environment requires not just stronger leadership, but also new ways of working to differentiate yourself and your organization from others.  It’s never been more true that what got you where you are today will not be enough for tomorrow.

The Kip Fanta Group was established to inspire and enable leaders at all levels, in addition to help Information Technology (IT) and Shared Service providers, both internal and external, become more strategic with their business partners. We provide multiple services, to include:

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Speaking

We believe it’s one thing to be in a ‘leadership role’, and another to actually be ‘leading’. So many are in positions to influence others, but have not been equipped with the required skills to effectively lead. It’s also one thing to be a strong IT/Service provider and another to ultimately be in a strategic relationship with your business partners. 

Give yourself a competitive advantage starting today. Start transforming yourself and your organization by strategically building and growing from the inside, then out. Don’t be one who is waiting for a strong leader; you become that leader. Facilitate real growth by enabling functions and business partners to collaborate and converge to enable innovation and real growth within your business. It’s time to show up differently, to show up in a way that will ultimately change your organization and drive higher engagement and results.